Tuesday, July 28, 2009

boredom -_-"

it's been 3 days since i was away from blogging.no hot stories to be published though.i've been shutting off myself in the hse doing nothng.MAKAN TIDO MAKAN TIDO jaa.yeye je bwk balik buku b'lambak2 nak studylah konon,piirah mimi!

oh LORD..guess the whole plans for ths week haven't been proceed yet as wht they've supposedly be scheduled bfore the sem break started,damn!

* meeting up wth 6 jahanam -haven't
* go to Sri Kantan Driving Schl -yet to proceed; tmrw i'allah.
* mingle wth Fana -belummmmm :(
* DO DR. J's so-clled HOMEWORKK; ACCELERATE!pfft~
* search for some points for the forum task(BEL 130)- aziz da cll bising-bising.
* meeting my boyf ths saturday - mcm tak dpt jaa T.T

there's alot more to be updated soon,verryy soon.LOL.
4 days to go b4 the clss started mie,its now..or neverr!better you start to work on it..LAA NI JUGAK!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

home sweet homee..♥

finally..it's JULY 25th;3.11 p.m and i'm blogging here..at HOMYY!!;D
it feels good to be back at home you know, after 2weeks of hibernation there in kuantan.woahhh

lastnght was a really really tiring and hectic i should say.i slept arnd 3 a.m on the previous night to finishup my tutorial questions.thank God i managed to cmplete all of 'em before class started the nxt morning.lousy child, sapa suruh hang tak siapkan dr hari khamis tu lagi mie??org sume da submit ari khamis,hang gataii tak buat,pdn muka kena hantar gak jumaat tu.bijaksana betul!nxt time remember yea, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

yesterday morning was another 'so-called disaster' laa.nervous like mad to do the sketch performance,finale lah pulakk!just hoping tht e'thng's gonna be just just fine.aziz lupa plak nak bawa kain pelikat time sketch tu,haduii klaka je mamat tu smlm;)
i wasn't satisfied at the first plce,and it wasn't because of my teammates.i've been blaming myself for did the sketch turned dull.it was me who did the whole script,and i guess i screwed it up..badly!but regardless,thanks mr.hiu for his kindness,for nt gving any of the groups a grade which is less than B+.syukurlaaa~

whtever it is,thanks again guys; AZIZ, FATIN & PAIN.you guys are great!!hope to get better cooperation wth you guys later in the forum or smthng..okayy?we can seriously work together as a team better than yesterday sebenarnyaa;))

i took my bus to KAJANG at 2.30 p.m.i went back wth some other girls; NADIA, AFIQAH the used-to-be penghuluwati,and NAJWA my clssmate.we took SANI; the executive coach heheheh,and went to terminal makmur an hour&half early than the actual time; 1 p.m! pakcik teksi tanak amik pukul 2 cz nak rushing solat jumaat plak,hisyhh~ we were waiting and waiting and waitingg...
and waitingg..sampai t'salah letak luggage dlm bus Sani yg nak heading to k.t'ganu,and bukan ke kajng!pffftttt!mengong kan saya ni sape suruh tak bace kat dpan bus tu!i was being so,so decent enuff in asking tht pacik;

me:"err..pakcik, bas ni nak pergi mana ye?g k.t'ganu ke kajang?"
pakcik:"awak ni belajar kan,tak tau nak baca ke??"

ehh pacikk ni,main kasar nampak?!relaxlah,i'm just asking ok pakcikk.pakcik dala cnfirm2 tak g smayang jmaat,patu nak mara2 pulakk.period hape?taula pnat,aku pn penat gak..haisyyhhh!

webcaming in the bus;dizzyness!and pple,meet NADIA.we share smthng in common tho;the high cheekbones, LOL(:

bullshit laa,we had to spend abt 5hrs and half in the bus,jst bcz of the traffic jam in K.L!duhh~supposedly we could arrived earlier than tht tho.smp terasa mcm nak kena osteoporosis daaa.i even had my ass cramped,ahaahhahh!joke aside;D
plus,i haven't had any meals before off to home.i was rushing at the campus packing my stuffs and all smp t'lupa nak makan.haduii,wht a starving journey;( upon arriving,my family bought a cake and also KFC to celebrte my nephew, ADLI's 3rd year of legally being a homosapien on ths earth.HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABANGG!<33>

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

drives me up on the wall??pffftt~

it's a bad and hecticc day for me,damnitdamnitdamnitdamnitdamnit!T.T

before tht, to beany the mr.debater..sory tak dapat lepak and have those kids stuffs wth you like we had alrdy agreed lastnght, at the discussion room td,ahha.i was rushing for my sketch practise tho.btw, glad to meet and talk to you even for a while, well u knw after a long,longggg..of emm,’disappearance’ i would say?lol;) and thanks as well for introducing me to your classmate, ahha well, Amirah ni mmg teruk sbenarnya, tak kenal nama sorg senior lelaki pn, padahal dah byk kali t’serempak dgn beliau tu,aiyaa lousy child :D btw, i’m looking fwd to meeting you and have those borak-borak mb in some other time okay?and thanksss juga for lending me your notes and also the past years questions for part 1,really appreciate it. a good senior has to be very generous and kind-hearted twards his juniors kan,aha i’m hoping to get some notes and past years questions for both the part 2 and 3 as well dude,mb soon..can i?:)and andd the last thank is for the msg lastnght to inform me that The Fiona’s managed to get themselves into the finals for the LAWESL.shukran bro:))

ok,bck to wht exactly happened today..to mke it short,i’m all out of mood. Buat julung-julung kalinya anak en.mokhtar ni naik angin depan org-org dkt sni. And yes,smbdy hd reallyreallyreally drove me up on the wall like mad!i’ve been sososo patient for weeks and beliau tu da buat sy burst out harini!!i dalah susah nak meletup.arrggghh! tell you wht dude,i dn’t know wht exactly going on wth you,bt if you’re really ok,why can’t you treat me like hw you treat other pple?it’s been weeks okay,and i jst dn’t feel good abt ths.i wanna clear thngs up wth you,very badly.tht’s if only i’ve did any,other thn worse.plsla,i malas nak buat musuh kat sini, i dtg sini nak blajar, and i bet your first intention pun mcm tu kan?so pandai-pandai lah fikir,u win some,yes..but u’ll lose some in the future dude. Just one thng lah okay; do not ditch pple for no reason. they have feelings too,especially when they don’t even know wht mistakes they have actually done towards you..think abt it.have a good life then~

Sunday, July 19, 2009


things needed to be settled before the break starts:

* attend the LAWESL semi final audition; TONIGHT!
* presentation for dr.J class; TOMORROW EVENING.(haven't prepared fr tht yet, damnass!)
* sketch presentation for BEL 130 ; COMING FRIDAY.FINALE babe!

Friday, July 17, 2009

a dull evening

a bit of relief after done wth the csc 134 test yesterday;the first exam i've sitted eversince i stepped into the college life i should say;)i guess i did quite well in the test though.fatin and i got the chance to do some checking on the answers wth miss ju as we stepped out of the comp. lab as the last one..thanks Lord.

upon reaching the hostel,i thought i could get some sleep; for staying up til late of 4am on the previous night to study fr csc,but i just don't feel to pulak,hadoii.idk why,mb the 'penangan' of 2cups of nescafe i took on tht nght laa,haha.i end up went to my bed at arnd 12am plus after playing wth ths cute little kitten which i named it by 'mimie jr' hha:D

sighly,i woke up ths morning a bit late than usual; 6.45am for me is alrdy too late!cheyh~
sleepyhead mann,shishhh.

the BEL 130 ended at 11; 3 hrs of lecture makes me feel dizzy,duhh.luckily we don't hv to sit in the clss for the whole 3 hrs cz mr.hiu wanted us to do some prctises on the sketch presentation for nxt week,again i relieved.

it's almost 3pm and i haven't took a rest yet!pfft~ seriously i eager an ample time on tht actually.hah.unconsciously, i cn't recll wht time exactly i went to the 'lullaby land'.bt suddenly the sleep being distracted at arnd 5 smthng; there were some org lelaki went up to our hostel to fix the cracked glass at the balcony,and i had to get up as they wanted to enter my room to fix smthng in there pulak. geramlah ni,i can't even sleep in peace okay!plus some of the close hsemates weren't there;most of them went out to settle some stuffs and ada yg loafing at megamall.ahha.

untill now; its 7.40pm and im still awake.what an evening,duhh.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


isn't ths cool?lol;)i found it in the iluvislam.com,the one which one of my hsemtes hd recommended to me b4.wish tht he's one of them; those who cares and love his loved ones for the sake of GOD, those who seeks for the LORD's love in order to find for his true love , and those who's willing to sacrifice e'thng to get HIS blessings.i'll pray tht he will alwys be tht one particular person,aminn..luff him loads!<33


today it's farahin;pain's (my clssmates,my groupmates) 18th birthday!woooohooo!!
as a gift,me and fatin treated her 1buck each for her to buy nasi ayam during her lunchtime jst nw,hhe:p
sorry laling,duit tada nak buat party besar2 utk kau,just hoping tht u enjoy your birthday to the fullest!its your birthday,a very special day!dumdidumdum;))
luff you babe,mwahh3!

Monday, July 13, 2009

again..i'm annoyed!-_-"

to whom it may concerned;
did i commit any sins towards you tht you're acting such a way to me??
if i've did one,then just say so..cause i hate to be surrounded by the feeling of guilt!
i'm not a puppet whom you can easily entertain and shut off frm your life as you wish.
if you're unsatisfied wth me,let's talk then; one on one..agree?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

the first entry:)

well guys,i guess i'm gonna start the first blogging wth ths one incident tht happened last night.it was a chaotic nightmare i should say though,lol:)

it was 12.30 a.m when i was already in my dreamland.suddenly i heard my other hsemates shouted from the other room as though they'd just seen a ghost.they alarmed me, and so i have to get up from the bed to see wht happened.oh Lord!as we opened the door,water was alrdy scattered outside our hse.it was falling from the upper level of our block just like waterfall!god knows how it was tht moment,its like watching the mvie 'The Day After Tomorrow'.we then quickly brought our valuable stuffs out of the hse; the laptop,chargers and the most important thng is; tiket bas nak balik 24 julai nnt.haha. those who stays in the same block as we do went down and gathered while waitin for the pak guard's order.he sounded mad at us though.heh.and bcz of tht,he had to close all the main pipes bcause according to him,there's a problem wth the water tank tht caused it to spill out.luckily there was nothng happened and we managed to get into our hse bck at arnd 1a.m.phewww..i was so terrified,thinking tht the water might get into our hse and cause flood,pffftt!anyhow,e'thng is just fine when i woke up ths morning,there's still water source for us, but yet the same thng happen now in the evening..AIR TADAKK LAGII!damnit!;(