Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a life, one should really own.

*this entry is going to be full of pictures, beware!

An awesome weekend i had in Gombak, kau ado?;)

went to UiTM S.Alam last friday to collect the BB1M, and that was basically the only original plan of the day. accompanied by my friends/awesome djs of Ufm (hehe bangga), dio and isa after done with their meeting at the Ufm konti.

again i said, that was the only plan sebenarnya for the day. i was thinking after habis collect voucher, i'll be off to home. but yeah..it wasn't go as planned as i had a detour, eh tak i mean..detours hehe ;)

First detour - karaoke! dio said that it was an impromptu one, yeke? *mukaquestionmarkangkat-angkat kening* oh isa and fahmi the kawan baru were there too!

suara isa sedap ohh 0.0

dio, me, isa and fahmi--muka selonot :D

Second detour - dinner at kedai kopi nearby masjid kubah biru S.Alam. picked up by dio's cute littlepie cousin, una:)

Third detour- going back to dio's place and had a sleepover there. yeah ni pun impromptu plan jugaa hee. reached gombak at late jugaklah -.-

the next verryyy late morning(hehe), woke up and dio prepared us this for our brunch time.

garlic bread yumeeyhhh!lagi hitam tu lagi sedop 0.0

..and mouth-watering benjo, nomnomnom!

that late evening we went to Wangsa Walk Mall taking a stroll and cuci mata; a place i've never been before. it was a nice mall i would say, macam One Utama because it's loonggg.hehe

pictures snap!snap! :)

..and makan at the little wok before heading back to kajang :)

one new word to describe the day i had with them -- SUPERAWESOMEFABULOUSFANTASTICetcetraetcetra ;)

and one thing that needs to be in a bold font here--
it's time to make a step and move on doll.. we've been strengthening each other; heart and soul so much all this while, for being in the same boat which heading to the same journey.
Another portions of courage to move on, determination, and patience will lead us to a good and fortunate life in the future insyaAllah :") <3 youh!

a note to Amirah and Che Nabila -- walau apa pun yang terjadi, berjalanlah tanpa henti :")


Friday, January 27, 2012

dinner on qiyah's birthday eve.

dinner with GIRLFS tonight was err how should i say..A.W.E.S.O.M.E..E ?? :D
to be borne in mind, i've learnt that tonight ;)
  • when you're in need of help, a shoulder to cry on, a place to spill out every single stories that you can't bear to keep it to yourself, don't worry because somewhere, somehow there will definitely be some persons arnd you whom you call FRIENDS, and in my case, it will be among my very gila-kelam kabut-cheerful bestt GIRLFS to lend me their ears and hugs to be by my side, despite having listening to the same contaminated stories over and over and over and over again every time we meet. (itu will be dlm kes if any one or some of the girlfriends were not there during the first time of spilling out the stories, then jyeah hav to repeat 'em all -.-) all in all, one thing to highlight is that they will NEVER get bored/annoyed/sick with those stories (i guess so lar) and that they'll try their best just to keep me feel accompanied, relieved, appreciated and loved. that's the true power of friendship if anyone ever ask me :)

  • dear nawal nazihah said, "if a man is living his new life happily with the new partner kan, then there's no way of him to ever look back and find for the former girl that he used to be with." cheers nawal for the reminder :)

  • friends come and go, but TRUE FRIENDS will stay and last a life time.. reasons? there are just no reasons of why they should leave :")

p/s: HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAAAYYYYYYY NAQIYAH AZRA'AIE! wa sayang lu ketat-ketat <3<3

Thursday, January 19, 2012

and a thankyou note.

- give her ONE solid reason for not hating you, she's not asking for more, thank you.
- thank you for seizing the day in a split second, when she was just about to move on.
- thank you for reading her blog, never had a single thought abt it. well, after all, she has been a goner to you, right?
- and big thanks for the name typo thingy. spelling her simple name seems to be the hardest task now, kan?
-LASTLY, thank you..you've made me who i am today and a lesson learned-- never trust over promises made when you're in a good term with a person(s) as e'thing will seem to be so wonderful and enchanting at the first place, but turns to be the other way round at the end of the day. so much of disappointment isn't it?

p/s: just one attempt; put yourslf into her shoes, and you'll find the answer. have a good life.

dreams last for so long..

a shortnote.

finals done, Alhamdulillah. may Allah bless me in a way that only He knows, reward this little servant with splendid achievements in her exams, and brings the smiling, joyful and cheerful Amirah back to her. That's all I need for now.. Amin :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

how a song could be so inspiring? :)

again, BIG thanks to che nabila nashir/dio/bella/che nab! hee she has influenced me much in listening to songs which i call them as those inspiring songs, emotional songs and whatnot? :D

believe me or not, just check this latest song by Jason Mraz. Dio said that she'll give this song to her future Mr. Roommate in 5,6 years time nanti hehe! sweet betoii perempuan tu ;))
but indeed, this song is very inspiring and just you guys go through the lyrics--"i don't want to be someone who walks away so easily i'm here to stay and makes a difference that i can make.." T.T

one confession: rasanya macam susah sangat nak cari lelaki yang betul-betul boleh come out with that kind of confession at this age kan? *sigh*-___-"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

those are my Little Rascals :)

yeah i know, so much so, i'm already 21 and people won't be so surprise to see me growing up as a Makcik or to be in a proper way; Mak Uteh heheh. just you see how much i've collected these so-called "first class human capitals" so faaarrr ;)

but for this time around, this entry is meant to be forrrr *drum roll*..

take 1#

take 2#

actually it's been a month plus since i haven't met this little kid, yang lagi 3 org in the picture above tu dah selalu jumpa, so yeah kinda miss this kid alot more! nak habis exam cepat2 and rush to home! yes people, meet Ahmadhi Jazzmi! tulang besi urat dawai pahlawan rumah kami nih HAHAH! a 7 months old boy who weighs and look like a 1 and a half year old punya budak, sangat gedebab dia ni!! ohmyy i exaggerate things quite much hereeee -_-

and and...the latest updated picture of him.. take 3#! seeee!sekarang dah pandai jalan gi taman mainan sorang2 main boyan pulak! okay enough of exaggerating cause you might have caused this keyboard to break down amirah!-_-

-- well like seriously i geram betul tengok all these pictures which i deliberately downloaded from his mom's facebook *stalker aunty* -.-" tang muka dia pun saya dah nampak choc indulgence secret recipe, craving yalls! *psycho aunty*

manchester die hard fans uols, kau ada?LOL :D

Saturday, January 7, 2012

do'a from a slave.

current song playing;

A Whole New World-- OST Aladdin ;)

RATIONALE OF PLAYING THE SONG: missing my fairytale sebenarnya T.T

-- yeah, 13 hours before sitting for Malaysian Legal System II paper. ohh criminal and civil litigation process and and A.D.R pleasseeeeee be kind to me -___-

" oh Allah i seek for your guidance to ease everything..Amin ya Rabb"

Friday, January 6, 2012

thought for the day:)

meet Hanis!
On her 22nd birthday few months back.. :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

thursday's dusk..

"Berdoalah kepada Tuhanmu dengan rendah hati dan suara yang lembut. Sungguh, Dia tidak menyukai orang-orang yang melampaui batas.." (Surah Al- A'raf: ayat 55)