Tuesday, June 29, 2010

third semester.

SO LONGGG and HELLO bloggers!;)

yes indeed! this girl now has a problem of conveying her ideas and imaginations into words, somehow. so yeah, that is why her blog turns to be so 'tak bersemangat' this lately! i have to agree with that though.

PLUS, with the problem of WIFI here in the campus, she finds that she could only log in to FB like few minutes, rather than couple of hours she used to spend in front of her lappy before -_-".

apa lagi kalau nak i log in to blogspot pulak kan?

and APART FROM THAT, with bunch of assignments to be submitted, not to forget the one that have to be done OVER AND OVER AGAIN!arghh.. i could feel the hectic of it starting from now.

"let's foresee how this hectic life would be in the next 5 years time...IF AND ONLY IF i can ever get myself successfully into the BLS programme.."