Saturday, October 24, 2009

childhood obsession.

ths is so superb!!i thought the BSB had been eternally buried..for like ever and everr!damnn,i'm the biggest fan of BSB though,and still i all time fav you know?tak hancur ditelan zaman pun diorg ni.hehs oww i kan jambuu and jiwangg :p They've brought back so much memories of my childhood! i still remembered how crazy i was for tht Nick Carter and how my sister was sosoo into Howie D hah and yes,also how Jiha told me tht Kevin was hers!what a childhood days laa i would say.HAHA guess masa tu i was just around standard 2 or 3 kott,LOL.

and few days back,while i was sitting on the couch watching tv (im not sure whether it was V,MTV or HITZ)and suddenly i saw ths familiar figure and voice..and there goes Nick Carter!and the rest wth their latest comeback kot.."Straight To My Heart" is the title and the vid clip was like OHHH ths is soo cool!wth those vampire-like environment hha mcm wtv jaa:D unfortunately,there were just 4 of them wthout jiha's Kevin and tht is so like incomplete.and i hv no idea where the hell of tht dude gone.sorry tak update pulak the latest life of artistes ni. fuuhh,what a TIP TOP song lahh kan,mmg energetic habis!i love it!love you guys to bits gilaa dow!<333

i've uploaded the vid for you guys though,so enjoyy!it's indeed..COOOLLLLL c(:

p/s:for higher quality video,log on to!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

biar betul??

ok tell you wht,i actly had ths conversation just before i fell sick,which means ths took plce a week ago.and guess only now i hv the time to spread ths news, especially to LAW-ians UiTM Kuantan. yeah,mb some of you guys alrdy notice abt ths,bt still some of them do ths was how the conversation went on,between me and my clssmate,PAIN :-

lilme_monster: :)
lilme_monster: wat pe je?
lilme_monster: hee
she91_pain: chat ngn kak sab..
she91_pain: senior..
lilme_monster: ececeyhhhhh
lilme_monster: hehe
lilme_monster: suda maju nmpk?
she91_pain: tnye sal klas la..
she91_pain: ap yg maju?
lilme_monster: tade pape
lilme_monster: hee
lilme_monster: tny sal klas?klas mnde?
she91_pain: dieowg tuka klas sbb ad klas for repeaters..
lilme_monster: tak paham dow
lilme_monster: ko ckp slow2 skit
lilme_monster: hee
she91_pain: cm ni..
she91_pain: cnth if oke,if la klas kte ad yg repeat..
she91_pain: yg repeat tu dok 1 klas..
she91_pain: so,klas laen akn trgnggu..
she91_pain: yg repeat akn dkumpulkn 1 klas.
she91_pain: ada phm?
lilme_monster: yg repeat means yg failure la?
lilme_monster: tu yg jadi time dorg nak masuk sem 2 aritu?
lilme_monster: adoihhh ni yg mcm nak sedey
she91_pain: ye kot..
she91_pain: xtau sgt..
lilme_monster: emm tape thnks for the info

so pple,i mean the LAW-ians, u got tht msg rght,don't you?mcm harapan je utk stay dlm class yg sama,together wth the same clssmates,pfffft!!pls i bet Pain won't cheat me for no reason,it's wht Kak Sab,the senior told her though. anyhow, we can just pray tht all of us will passed the exam excellently so tht no one's gonna be thrown away from their own class,to tht 'trash',urghh!please don't!cause i bet all of you guys wanna be in the same clss wth the same,same classmtes wthout fail aite?so just hope tht Dr.J will use his discretionary power effectively,ohh i beg you to death sirr!i wanna be wth my HUJAN VOCALLIST,wth the HARRY POTTER,wth my TOPSCORER,wth CIKGU,wth ANAK IMME,wth my darling FIONA'S, wth the bestest CLASSREP A.K.A MAK TIRI and the rest of I GROUP ..oohh pleasee pleaseee:"(

patience is the best medicine(:

been attacked by some sort of 'so-called serious disease' maybe,?..ohh God knows how i went through the past few days terribly..tortured! pity my mum too sampai kena masuk air. luckily mine wasn't tht serious.we thought we might be suffering from food poisoning,but it was not. the doctor gave me some medication pills and know wht,i even had to swallow ths one typical type of charcoal-like pill,and it is indeed,CHARCOAL!urgghh..okay enough of ths sickness all recovered now!:D

can you see the tablet wth black pills?okay tht's the one
, the charcoal
thingy,it somehow tasteless,and tht's the very good thng abt it:p

Thursday, October 15, 2009

macam belacan je.

do you guys feel exactly wht i feel at ths moment?;

1)rasa mcm udang kering yg sedang di dipenyek2.
2 )udang kering yg dah dpenyek tu digaul sebati bersama bahan2 lain;kalau nak tambah skali dgn budu ke cencalok pun ok jugak kot.
3)and lastly,kena biar perap selama beberapa bulan atau tahun..haaa dah jadi..BELACANNNN!

recipe taktau betul ke tak,ikut kepala hati je nak ckp apepn.duhh..and tht's wht i've been suffering now;exactly like the third one.terperap dkt rumah doing nothng,but MAKAN,TDO bgun 11 pg and TGK T.V.arghhh,plus wth the flu and sorethroat which do not really seem to be healed,it really turned me upside down now.erghhh-_-"
can somebody come here,kidnap me and bring me to another hectic plce,cause i kinda miss being in it.. loads!LAS VEGAS,the Sincity anyone?pleaseeeee..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

ths pic was taken on the 8th of Eid; a day bfore i was off to Kuantan to sit for the finals.
kerinduan was being cured on tht day,particularly,and the feeling of content was there,thanks Lord;)
so many changes i could see from them; from physical appearances to..inner behaviors.hehs,and of course,to the positive onelahh,not the other way round ok;D

girls,we're big,big GIRL now in ths big,big WORLD and yeah..BIG GIRLS DON'T CRYY!we've grown up together babies,we shared the whole of us together,and we used to cry and giggle like no one's business.c'mon girls,make some recalls a bit!no matter wht it is,neither you're seeing me in my ponytail hair,nor i'm seeing you in leggings and shortskirts,we're still sisters,sticking to each other forever for eternity!and tht's soo a vow from me to you girls ;"")and to both of the boys on the side,heh you guys rocks to bits ok!bt so sorry those msgs above are so not for you guys,its for 6JAHANAM(missing nawal and sarah) jaa.dear lover wearing kemeja merah,don't get me on your nerves!;p

and ths is 18 years old AMIRAH SYAHIRAH pple,now living all alone by herslf wthout the beloved here,she still has those kids 'sekepala' wth her, playing guli and pasir sama2 kan geng?haha meet my cheerful clssmates:)and ths figure was taken on raya celebration in the we were all got dressed up in our new baju raya,and so does mine!here's from the left;SHAZREEN,DINA,AYZA,ME(and all of us are from S'gor)FATIN(K.L) andd PAIN(Johore). ok actually bak kata AYZA, mine and fatin's je yg baru,haha;p

thanks loads for ths whole 5months of semester girls,it has been a greattt pleasure for me to get into you girls intimately;)promise me tht y'all won't be changing classes for next sem!love youuu to bits and bitss --<@

chatting feverr.

despite i got nothng to do at home and the boredom hits like a hectic tsunami, i still hv my baby lappy tht assists me alot to overcome the 'boringness' for ths upcoming few weeks more i guess:)

and eversince few days back as well,the Yahoo Messenger(YM) suddenly seemed to be well functioned on my desktop!huu,well i hate chatting at the first plce u see,mb it could be counted approximately arnd cple of times only, you'll be seeing me signing in into the YM acc.LOL

so the day before yesterday i started wth ths one lengchai named gbom ;)he's my campus mate jst so u'll knw,bt not staying in the same cmpus la,cz he is a he,haha.borak mcm org yg memg tak pnh jmp lgsung,walhal dh byk kali t'serempak sbenanya.tot he's kinda very 'shy-shy-cat' and having his mouth muted,oopss sorry dude..i could see it frm your first appearance though,first impressionlahh i would say:) and tu apa yg i u memg lain gila kot..remember i told you 'looks can be soo deceiving huh?" hehe.

the second night went a bit gloomy..i had a conference on YM wth my two babies; NAWAL AND QIYAH.we were having fun at first,thinking tht ths is the first time we got to chat to one another eversince we left for colleges and stuffs.borak pnya borak tiba2 masuk cite pasal kete lah amik license tak lagilah,macam2.then suddenly qiyah went a bit diff.she replied to us mcm nak taknak je,then suddnly she went off9,leaving me and nawal wondering;is it a joke or is it us tht takes her down ACCIDENTALLY?we're sorry for our words babe,aku syg kaw lah macikk!jgn majuk lagi syg;"( kaw balik kajang nnt kita g ronda2 k?luv you!
at the same time,i was having the borak wth gbom..again..hari2 pun dy on9 kbetulan time i on9 juga!haha;)we had so much of gossips and jokes and merapus and silly emoticons appeared, kan dude?we can even beat the girls talk tau?gilalahhh we rock!

and tonight the same thng goin on.dah boring lyn ms,mulalah on YM.and there goes..GBOM!hari ni dy pelik skit,dala dy buzz i dulu,and then byk pulak auta dy arini.pening kapla den-_-" luckily you're GBOM..heheh
then dah boring sgt dgn envronment yg dy upload, i pn g upload environment doodle,and we start our doodling here and there like awful and jobless kids.haha!

the last person whom i got to chat wth was Ali Imran,my former plkn-mate,glad to hear news from you dude.miss those moments though:)jst bfore i left the chatting area,he keep telling me tht "hey btw,still nice pic" referring to the dsplay image on the side where i was wearing the jubah and purdah and stuffs,LOL.and the funny thng is,boley plak dy tnya aku.."sejak bila ko pakai penutup mulut tu mie?" i wonder why is e'body think tht i'm wearing the purdah permenantly?hadoiii,i won't interfere into tht matter seriously laa pple,im just following the theme required on tht particular night;culture heritage and i was choosing to be dressed up in egyptian style.i can't be tht extreme pple,come onnnnn..i'm still being me,the hillarious and the 'moron' me no worriess peeps;DD

"SHAOLIN MI"?ohh thts me actually,in his imagination..playing hockey blablabla..btw thanks yea awak,ada bakat jd Leonardo ni:D


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

dari hati yg tulus suci

hello my deary blog..its beenn soooo long since i've been shutting up myslf from scribbling onto your beautiful piece of time-stamped article in a journal format(aha applying the CSC134 knwledge;p)..and i kinda miss you loads you knw,LOL;)

so many thngs happen during my absence on ths webste; the RAYA celebration,FINAL EXAMS which ended yesterday and so many thngs in btwn..yet to be jotted down soon..

bt now..i jst wanna say tht i'm madly deeply GLAD to be at home..finally!the first semester passed by in jst a blink of your eyes..and looks like there's another one year left there struggling in Kuantan!ohh Lord,pls and pls guides me well towards my future undertakings..and i don't want it to get screwed up by my own silly mistakes..even A BIT

i don't care wht pple wanna say.."hey,it's just the first sem lah,honeymoon lagi.."ahh sorry its sooo not for me.i've had tht when i used to be in the hghschl,and i don't want to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.i need to be well prepared,and keep on track wth e'thng i do wayy from the beginning..and before it's too late!

so go mimzy,battle for your own future sake, jst keep on praying for your excellent CGPA for ths upcoming first semester's result..aminnn.. aja aja fighting!

p/s:goodluck to all the SENIORS in grabbing your golden chances to be one of the BLS-ians in SHAH ALAM CAMPUS sooonn!missing the moments loads,hv a good life then ;)