Monday, October 25, 2010

what on earth (:

check out how these colourful and unique micro cells can be when the're placed under a light microscope-- maybe.LOL. taken from a random website though. SUBHANALLAH (: unfortunately i managed to go through this article once, and i can no longer reach the website due to my carelessness in jotting down the URL. pfft-.- so yea, i kinda fail to name these creatures properly as am not really sure of it.have a look yea!

a wasp eye

soy sauce


err..some creature found in the sea.

cancerous cell-- if am NOT mistaken.

cool huh? (:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

this cocoon is going to pop out!

...and become a beautiful butterfly! :) yes indeed. am getting bored with the current skin. so yeah, the blog will undergo some maintenance.* wink wink* new skin, and of course new ENTRIES! i mean loads of entries to be updated after a long,long period of hibernation. LOL (: wish to convey some fresh ideas, stories and everything in between-- right after me done with this maintenance thingy. so yeah, toodles for now peops! ;)