Friday, November 19, 2010

if i ever leave this world..ALIVE.

well, the title was meant to be one of the soundtrack in P.S. I Love You; my ever-wanted-to-watch movie eversince the first semester in Kuantan. unfortunately, it happens that yesterday was my lucky day to watch it for the very first time. poor kid *sigh*

Yesterday was my happy-sad day where everything went on so random and in prompt to :-

; picked up by dearest girlfriends, hanis and jiha at homy,arnd 1645. in prompt to karaoke at alamanda for an hour.
-ohh my God i just can't recall when was the last time i met you guys,its been ages!

; failed to look up for our car on our way back home which we had parked somewhere and we just can't remember.

; evening tea at old town white coffee, Bangi before heading back.(7pm-10.30pm)
- we catched up each other's long-contaminated-old story and we laughed. and when it came to mine, i teared and they were there to hug, calm and keep me accompanied. and yes, it was the longest conversation i had with them in a coffee hse.

; at home. it' s already 1 something in am and i was still awake,doing nothing -__-

-- suddenly my thoughts drifted to catch the movie P.S I Love You, and so i went out of the bed and grabbed the thumbdrive. p.s- thanks biela for sharing the movie:)

the first 30 minutes-- CRIED T.T

30 minutes later-- CRIED AND CRIED T_T

the last 45 minutes, and it went onn-- CRIED AND CRIED AND KEEP TEARINGG T____________T

-- Oh this young lady had a baaad panda eye when she woke up this morning.. well. it wasn't really because of the story plot, as a whole. it was because that movie itself reminds me of these two days which i had teribbly encountered, and i'm still..encountering it..and i just don't know when i can end it with a fullstop.

she feels that she resembles Holly without any strings to hold on to.

Friday, November 5, 2010

don't you get it?

Her name is "FAITH" and she is not a tree stump!get that point? okay to whom it may concerned, here are her weaknessess so you'd know :-
  • it seems so hard for her to 'berterus-terang' directly and explicitly in front of you, telling you what's your mistake, why are you doing this and that, whenever the unsatisfaction occur. she doesn't know why, but she always find it's terribly hard to 'eye-to-eye' with you, be it verbally via message or when both of you meet up..
  • people have certain degrees of patience, and yes so does she.. she can be really patient at times, but don't ever take her for granted!so the problem now is that, she thinks her level of patience is so way,way high at the top of the sky than anyone can ever reach -___- i don't know whether she should be proud of it or called herself a fool that anyone can easily step over her head while she just nod, smile and say.."it's okay:).."
  • she hates that she loves you so much.. well you should know the myth/fact that love is blind though, that you're willingly to do,to sacrifice everything; your money, your time, especially your heart and feelings. and she guess, that's the biggest weakness that she can hardly erase T.T
please, she can't bear to watch herself being hurt again and please..:"(

need you now..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the wishlist..

  • i wish i could make earlier preparations for every upcoming tests and exams.
  • i wish i could absorb knowledge fast, even faster than a sponge can absorbs water.
  • i wish i could be more hardworking to locate for extra information and resources, without relying too much on the spoon-feeding notes given by lecturers.
  • i wish i could be more less-procrastinate in finishing up the assignments and so..or should i say.. NO procrastination at all?
  • i wish i could turn back the time so that i won't be repeating those mistakes on and on and on.
  • i wish i could be less day-dreaming; foresee my so-called fairy tales with mr. prince charming bla bla bla..need to put it a fullstop and be more realistic!
  • i wish i can stick to my resolutions-to-be-made on 2011,tightly+strongly+faithfully!oh please Lord help me :(
  • latest update by iffah - to not give up easily!(:
guess that's all which i could think of at the moment.

yes, people do set certain targets in their life, in whatever they do..just to achieve what they desire, what they have been dreaming of, for days and nights. but think about it again, a target without any solution,or should i say a hardwork can ever produce you a good fruit? idts. of course,both must work and run simultaneously then you'll get the best peops, if your wishes and dreams don't seem to hit the target accurately after this, then you already know what to do. there must be something wrong somewhere, and you've to figure out why. this is a good reminder to all of you, including me. NO, especially me, tehehehe :)

all the best to all of you, pre-law students PI005 batch 09/10, may ALLAH's blessings are always with you guys, and congratulate yourself because you've come to this far..and yeah, miles,miles away yet to achieve..farewell friends. should i say TTYL..or TTYS? xoxo;

as we grow old.. (: