Saturday, October 8, 2011

a treat to myself :)

currently at my sister's office in kepong. will be waiting for her until 1 o'clock and off we go to shoooopppp! well, basically it is said to be a shop to be kurus..*kelip-kelip mata* X)

like dio said, "mimi, lets go for jog, kita main sports sampai jadi kurus, pakai cantik-cantik and voila!" you can read in between the lines though, don't you?
--it's some kind of a feeling of frust selepas ditinggalkan that you feel you have to get up and show to those j**** that you can still live your sweet life without them!

ok let's just skip this part -.- moving on to the to-do list :-

  • sweat pants- a pair or two.
  • sneakers- been searching for reebok since ever, sampai sekarang tak jumpa yg berkenan -.-
  • having a hair cut!woot woot! okay mom will be so annoyed to hear me mentioning abt this over and over again, and she'll end up says.."dari dulu lagi dah dengar nak potong rambut..-.-"
  • makan! like a king- simply because it has been almost 2 weeks since i've treated my stomach badly and carelessly. sorry little tummy -.-

p/s: i can't really promise to get the last thing on my to-do list done with splendid.urggh

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

im awake ..still.

done watching barbie and the three musketeers. okay after few moments of viewing this, you guys gonna think that ohmyyy she's the lameeeee-est girl i've ever seen -__________-"

...followed by cloudy with the chance of meatballs. --- movie marathon i should say, while there's a lot of works and notes queue-ing up to be done! splendid meh! *sigh* -.-"

p/s: thanks dear roomates for cheering up this lame, boring girl, even if it doesn't last for quite long. after all, merci beaucoup gorgeoussss!

Monday, October 3, 2011

-- how i ever wish you could turn back the time and review every single words that had spoken by you.. how i wish T.T