Sunday, May 27, 2012

And because this little heart of mine is like a dandelion, it's easily blown away.. 
it laughs whenever it feels to..
it dwells in the past whenever the thoughts suddenly drifted..
and it cries whenever that thought's hurting..

oh not to forget, it's fragile too. once a friend told me that.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

tahis cicaks

Wednesday (9 May) - class photo shoot session
                 dress code: formal black and white

Friday (11 May)       - War Crime Tribunal
                 dress code: formal black and white

Saturday (12 May)    - Model United Nations (MUN) Conference
                 dress code: formal black and white

so much for these tahi cicaks colors within this week -___-" time to grab somebody else's baju for i don't really have much. 2 pairs of black and white baju kurung, and err yeah that's all i have. looking forward to attending the Dining Etiquette Dinner at SACC pulaks this coming 22 May! another really formal black and white suit i guess.

zzzz saya tidak bisa menyaingi Dian Pelangi yang sememangnya penuh warna warni -.-