Tuesday, September 15, 2009

pleasant feelings.

hello pple,im home.err..okay im just home! spending my weekend in the campus without listening to the hustle bustle sounds of my hsemtes yelling and shouting and giggling like nobody's business made it some sort of weird thingy laa i should clled it as.i wondered wht is it tht triggers me so much till i went and decide to go bck home on MONDAYY,instead of tht particular FRIDAY!haha sy rajin sgt!most of my hsemates and even other hsemates block sebelah went back late at least by saturday,bt me,fatin, and fiza sgt sgtlah terover rajin balik lambat sgt.the cmpus endup to be the most silent and solemn plce to be.haha once in a lifetime u'll get the chance to experience tht babeh!;D

i woke up ths morning at 8.30 when i remembered my appointment today wth MR.IKMAL at the library,eceyhh appointment taw!well,at least we got to learn smthng and study 'a bit' before we both off to home later on tht evening aite?it supposed to be at 9 plus bt still i was like linger arnd the hse wthout bathing yet.so,fatin decided to go dwn first and i'll be there in a minute...in a 'minute' ahhhaha:p
overall,the 'date' wth our cool lecturer went on very very very effective.it's worth taken for almost three hrs of discussion,plus im like woke up tht 'early' and hardworkingly went down to the library and start to open the 'kitab law',haha wht a don't-ever-forget-this-memory-mimzy.it's for the sake of your finals somehw rght?so regardless,memang best tahap karma berguru b'sama anda,MR.IKMAL!kudos to himm;)

the bus to kajang and k.lumpur were waiting for me and fatin at 2.30 pm.after packing up all the stuffs(tak lupa bawa balik smua kitab2 tuk finals nnt),we waited for the pakcik cab as we asked him to pick us up at 2o'clock.upon arriving at the terminal arnd 2.15,i was wondering where the hell of my bus.the red-black executive coach of SANI (eceyhh) didnt even showed up till 2.29pm i guess..urghhh!i tot i had already missed the bus,thank god my patience was still under control on tht moment.

whtever it is,i'm now homyyy!
p/s: fatin,i owed you some bucks aite?later sy bayar,thanks loads pumpkin 'kuba';D!xoxoxo

Saturday, September 12, 2009

tears on the night.

ohh the Almighty Allah..
please and please give me strength..lend me the Prophet Muhammad's patience and determine..
i seek for your forgiveness ya Allah..please help and guide me to the exit of ths long pathway..i'm not strong enough to receive all those conjecture ya Allah..protect me from being unrational towards any of my decisions i will make..to You im seeking for my forgiveness,and to You i give all my soul to..

Monday, September 7, 2009

childhood memoirs..popped out.

counting on the days till we meet again..but when will it be then?i wonder..
girls, seriously im missing all of you like there's no tmrw:(
*emo sekejap*

jia..she's my sister.it's worth taken for ths 11 yrs of friendship jst so you'd knw.iLOVEyou!

deary petsis;kakINTAN,my hockey cap-ta-in;)


missing the 'fight' we used to hv.i clled you BITCH and you clled me bck SUNDAL hha;AQEELA ANNUAR~

ohh rindu lawak tahap kelas pertama ko sayang!NAQIYAH AZRA'AIE~

missing the moment when we got to duet together!NAWAL NAZIHAH~

babe, i totally missing the moment you went and tickle semua org!FARHA DIANA~

the best picture captured during the schldays,memoirs smehw aite?;)btw sorry sarah,i dn't hv any of your pic la darl.nnt sy cari and upload k?