Sunday, May 1, 2011

i a bad, bad creature! -__-

me: hello peops! *wink-ing* :D

M.I.M.Z.Y: ohh stop it!did you know what you had done?

me: err.. nope! 0.0 what did i?

M.I.M.Z.Y: for heaven's sake! -______- see how long u've left me
contaminated,unannotated?? how could you!! T___T

me: err.. *counting* can't recall. SORYYYYYYYYYY!! T.T it's not that i've forgotten you all the
way, it's just that am being like seriously, critically BUSY sampai lupa nak log in to you.

M.I.M.Z.Y: no!

me: PLEASEEEEEEEE *muka comel*


me: i'll promise i'll get u updated with tonnes of photos of my birthday very soon! remember
mine was on few days back? ngeeee :D

M.I.M.Z.Y: yeaaahhhh yeaahh yeahhh... *offending emoticon -.-"*

me: betul! and plus i'll write and crap abt whole loads of stories, everything that came in between
during my absence :)

M.I.M.Z.Y: hemmm..lemme see.. you better get it done!i'll mark your words!

me: as soon as i done with my last paper for this first sem.i promise! *finger-crossing*

HAHA see senang kan nak pujuk blog anda utk kembali beroperasi? lol it was me, my bad for leaving this beautiful piece of mine undisturbed, unoperated, unoccupied with stories, im sorry!yeahh amma bad creature!once being malas to update, forever you'll be in tht state -.-
so yeah, i'll try my best to get in contact and intimate-ing again with this beautiful flowery-blossomy-blue-polka dot blog of mine. -- especially when you have the whole of 4 months of semester hols with you , then there should be no EXCUSE supposedly!

till then, tooodles <3