Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a short story, an imagination.a SMILE.

that moment..
when Eve feels that she has ruined that one person's day with her intolerable habit.
that moment..
when Juliette feels like she doesn't deserved to be forgiven, even for that small, little, tiny thing.
that moment..
when June feels that she has been such a great pain in the ass.
there's no smile, not even a giggle.

a letter flown away like a dove, lying on the hands.
and was written "send me a beautiful smile please?"
a letter which turns the day brighter, lights up the darkness of the sky and..
brings the smile and giggle back as it is used to be.

the letter has made the day, and so there's a reason to smile! :)

2.56 am
27th Ramadhan

Saturday, July 28, 2012

They should be glad because they did have the chance to talk to each other in a good conversation and confessed everything from A-Z. there were no tears, no shouts and screams coming out from each other's mouth. even though some of what being confessed might hurt both of them, but atleast they got the chance to listen to every single of it. less regret i guess. am glad to hear that. im happy for her. because i could see she's happy too. what more, they too had that short two-days of all sweet moments they used to share, just like when both of them were still together. which i didn't. i didn't have those chances back then. he stepped out of the door and that's it. so much for regrets and dissapointment kan.

2.09 am
my little room

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

perfect 5ive

People, know what? this blissful Ramadhan can be a good start to everything brand new !  yeay!
do it slowly, insyaAllah The Almighty will ease you in every single thing that you wish to put forward | wish to change | wish to modify and makes it better :) so long as those are of the good ones okay!

 These will be from my own point of view:-

1. trust me, it's not worth it. In fact you can't get anything good either if you've nurtured yourself to be a hater. do not covet | envy with other's happiness. they may not be happy all the times, they have their ups and downs too, just like you. maybe it's just you who don't see it.

2. worries will only lead you to insecurity, and it might have the capability to destroy the self-confidence and self-determination you have within you. worry for something impossible? that's worse! just don't waste your time having your mind boggled over things you know that it's not gonna happen. because if you do, then it'll be a hardship for you to embrace the next simple rule:-

3. absolutely! why worry too much? live your life as simple as you can and please, don't go for complicated one. if you do things with positive intention and sincerity, regardless of whatever things you're up to, ranging from the simplest one to the hardest, you'll find life is just simply simple and joyful! you can even change the idioms though, make it a bed of roses instead. if Allah wills it, He'll surely grant it. have a faith in Him! :)

4. those last 2 rules can be covered under rule no. 3 as well. again, do things with positive thoughts | nawaitu | intention, for the sake of Allah S.W.T. to give and expect nothing in return is the best way to show your sincerity towards people notwithstanding who they are and where they come from. soon you'll realize that what you really did was turning up to Allah and aims only at winning His consent by every single of our deed, step, word and prayer.

As stated in The Holy Quran :

... The noblest among you in Allah's sight is the one who best performs his duty. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware. (Surat al-Hujurat: 13)

..and that's what we called as sincerity, another way of one can grab and feel the halwatul imaan  :)

p.s: now people, let's share and spread happiness! its a note to myself too :D


Thursday, July 19, 2012

penyimpan mohor besar raja-raja.

*balik daripada Genting terus update blog, baguih nii (-oo-)*

gelagat rakan-rakan. unbelievable! especially when it was Shah, my ex-classmate who posted the tweet, the future leader of the nation was giving me kata-kata semangat! i found this funny though! iols terharuuuu :") thanks for being concern and thoughtful dear friends! come let me belanja you guys chatime pukul 12 tghari, Sabtu ni :)) *padahal dah start 1st Ramadhan* kroiihh kroiihhh -_____________-

-sounded harsh? naah idts. it was the irony of it hehh


and yes! sebelum terlupa, Happy Celebrating the 1st Ramadhan Al-Mubarak 1433 Hijrah to dear brothers and sisters in ISLAM! let's double, or even triple up our ibadahs with full of imaan and taqwa. May Allah guides and bless us throughout this month. it's already 1.21 AM, 20/07/12 and i am counting down to few more hours to dusk. am as well excited to go for the first tarawikh though!:")

shukran dear Allah S.W.T for giving me another opportunity to welcome Ramadhan which is fulled with barakah. my only pray is that i could be able to complete this Ramadhan excellently and be a good Muslim, and a better Mukmin insyaAllah! :)


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the love note.

Hello pretty :),

      remember Najiha, you have me and we have each other. You have my back, and please lend me your shoulders too. don't look back, because the past is indeed hurting. rise and shine doll, we're brilliant women and we decipher things in our own brilliant way. 14 years of friendship is more than anything i could've asked for, it's more than enough. and of course, 14 years and counting. i love you sister, i really do. be strong and always okay. Allah will always be with the patience's :")

Apapun yang terjadi, berjalanlah tanpa henti - Amirah Mokhtar :)

-memories in Penang 2012-

up, up and away to the Goh Tong's Land, Genting Highland tomorrow! let scream our lungs out loud!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


"ALLAH takkan uji seseorang tu luar daripada kemampuannya.."
"ALLAH takkan ubah nasib seseorang tu kalau bukan dia sendiri yang mengubahnya.."


Monday, July 9, 2012

self purified.

1 paper to go. another step to take.
and 12 days to the first of Ramadhan.
i am happy, i am excited! my only pray is to be in a pink of health and get myself prepared physically, mentally as well as spiritual to meet you, Ramadhan. been missing you since ever!Alhamdulillah :)

rabbi yassir wala tu'assir!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

And because this little heart of mine is like a dandelion, it's easily blown away.. 
it laughs whenever it feels to..
it dwells in the past whenever the thoughts suddenly drifted..
and it cries whenever that thought's hurting..

oh not to forget, it's fragile too. once a friend told me that.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

tahis cicaks

Wednesday (9 May) - class photo shoot session
                 dress code: formal black and white

Friday (11 May)       - War Crime Tribunal
                 dress code: formal black and white

Saturday (12 May)    - Model United Nations (MUN) Conference
                 dress code: formal black and white

so much for these tahi cicaks colors within this week -___-" time to grab somebody else's baju for i don't really have much. 2 pairs of black and white baju kurung, and err yeah that's all i have. looking forward to attending the Dining Etiquette Dinner at SACC pulaks this coming 22 May! another really formal black and white suit i guess.

zzzz saya tidak bisa menyaingi Dian Pelangi yang sememangnya penuh warna warni -.-

Sunday, April 29, 2012

the weapon.

O Allah, i seek for your mercy. guide me ya Rabb, guide me to become a stronger person, in and out. protect my imaan and taqwa for i am too weak to face these obstacles my Lord. i am way too weak..

Thank you, praise be to You my Lord..for the miracle and truth that You've unveil tonight. tonight, the day of my very special day and i am utterly thankful for that ya Allah. indeed, You're always be by the side of those people upholding truth and nothing else, but the truth.

 I seek for Your forgiveness , The Most Merciful.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

it is the time that matters. if HE wills it, HE will surely grant it. do not question, do not complain. a true Muslim will make use of the patience at his best..
".. الصبر نصف الإيمان "

Assalamualaikum :)
scrolling down, down the pictures.. and suddenly everything pops out. the thoughts are still there. the memories are all stood up still. the charming and cheerful faces of us are dancing around with joy. as fresh as the air i breathe in.

yes, so much for the previous 39months kan.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

dear Adams,

If HE wills, one of you will be my other half..and i pray that it'll be till Jannah. All the best in your searching :)


Sunday, March 18, 2012

the love for you is infinity.

ONE simple complete sentence. it is as what you see it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

jungle book.

alast, i managed to finish all the vouchers! wehuu ^oo^ took long hours at the Menara Bookfair just to make sure that i didn't end up paying my last RM50 voucher for the purchased books worth RM46. of course even if it's just 4bucks, it's still valuable. takkan nak bagi the vendor free-free 4hengget kan? RM4 is enough for you to have a 1Malaysia menu tahu?;) so yup, i did all the calculation; plus, minus, divide and times with 10% of discount, and jyeah! 2 books and a Malay novel were succesfully grabbed by me! :)

1. ISLAM the Misunderstood Religion by Dr. Danial Zainal Abidin.

2. Tentang CINTA by Pahrol Mohd Juoi. *they said that this book is very goreng pisang panas kinda book. laju betul sold out!*

3. Takkan Pernah Jauh by Shanka Latisha (Alaf 21)

Friday, March 9, 2012

adakalanya jodoh mendahului cinta sejati. -Ariana Mikhail.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

cendodol addict.

from a friend who ended his text like this..

"okay cik mimi cendol, takecare! have a great week!.."
-khalil azman.

cik mimi cendol? sedapkan nama, yes it's my current addiction.. cendol! sorry i just entertain penang's cendol, done by nyonya Penang. mamak's cendol can go and make new business -__-"

fabulous Penang's cendodol habaq hangg! *piggynose*^oo^

*apa rasa eh kalau cendol+dodol: cendodol?okbai

Goodnight, Assalamualaikum :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

telepathy is freaky. cc: diobella!

for those who don't know what telepathy is, it is meant to be..

.. the transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction.

to make it short, in my own words is that one is using their sixth sense. cool, no?

shockingly, i encountered this situation.. i mean i just had this recently. with the same person! and the latest happened approximately 3 hours ago. scary enough? *rolling eyes*

and the one who's lucky enough to be my telepathy partner is.. *drum roll* ...

Che Nabila Nashir !

we both feel.. " err okay this is scaryyyyyy.."

1) this picture which i've uploaded on twitter. she told me that she used to upload the same picture somewhere, not long ago.

2) just after i uploaded the below picture as well on twitter, Bella texted me and said that she just passed by a McDonald's and suddenly her thoughts drifted to the note that she has given to me before(picture), when we were still in the semester. how does that sound to you? am speechless to bits! it was really impossible for her to check on the twitter and stuffs, having known that she doesn't do any online mobile. takkan on laptop dalam kereta kot? i was like "dan dan je perempuan ni text cakap benda sama time aku baru lepas upload the picture of her note" -.- yeah knowing all this, i got scared. like double scared than before.

3) and lastly.. 3 hours ago! see for yourself. scary tak scaryy tak okay triple scaryy! oh myy!

note that: these are all happened on Twitter! *exaggerate jawdrop* 0.0

nampak gaya buka semester ni ada dua budak bajet boria pencil case lah, haha coolnya! bila orang tanya, beli sama eh? and we'll answer, taklah.. telepati :)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

i iz gelabah.

let me show you the proves. just got back from kajang town to settle things and these were the situations i encountered :-

1. the feeling of gelabah starts when i started to drive up a hilly road. yes note that i am driving Iswara and its manual, and i seldomly using the car which i found it to be kinda nerve-wrecking to start driving it. yes i iz newb, bukan noob eh-.- so basically i am not having difficulty to drive manual cars along the way, the difficulty is when i get stucked on the hilly roads. yes that's my biggest fear , up till now. luckily now i've started to overcome that, slowly and i feel yeay for me! okay dah melencong banyak sgt ni. sebenarnya nak cerita je yg i couldn't ever escaped from the hilly road cause it's the only entry and exit way from my home to the main road and vice versa. nak tak nak semua wajibul lalu situ -____- and that's the first thing that led Amirah to today's gelabahness.

2. search for car parks. i don't know why but i can feel the adrenaline being secreted vigorously inside me whenever i started to look for parking and that's what happened today. earlier, the only parking available that i saw nearby was the one by the road, bukan yg arranged side by side but the one being arranged back and fro, where a skill of "parking bontot" is required. nak parking bontot bajet teror tapi sebenarnya tak pun cz u've to go back and forth for like 10times just to make sure that the car is being parked right inside the box. haha. plus the steering is not a power steering, so lagi berpeluh ketiak mak ni amik masa 1jam hanya untuk parking-.-
i was lucky enough when suddenly there's a car going out from the side by side punya parking. so again yeay for me! another gelabahness emerged -.-

3. paying my college bill using ATM machine. i was planning to pay the bill manually, but thinking of the queue to be waited, i cancelled my nawaitu. paying through ATM is way easier and fast though. went to the machine and deposited some cash first, and i forgot to pick my ATM card at the insert place at the end of the transaction. clever much?i left it there without me noticed. kawan saya dah macam "woii bahaya kau tau tak??" i know people can easily grab the card in a split second. nasib baik cepat tersedar dari kegelabahan yang tidak terkawal. yes i call that gelabahness. sebab if u tak gelabah, you wouldn't leave the card as you wish kan?apa yg nak digelabahkan pun i taktau, it naturally comes. (okay itu alasan)

so went back and i told mom everything. mom said nothing but, ...

"next time please recite the selawat earlier. i think you need to cut down on eating something. maybe that's the cause of you being gelabah whenever you settle things. jangan cepat gelabah tak tentu pasal.." oh maannn, i macam face palm seminit -_-"


1) is there anyone having the same problem as mine?(hopefully ada)
2) and is there such food that leads a person to feel this way? if there is, please do tell meeeee!okbai


Monday, February 27, 2012


a useful reminder for today, friends :)

Jika ingin tahu akhlak sebenar seseorang, lihatlah dia sewaktu dia sangat marah.

Jika ingin melihat kehebatan akhlaknya, lihatlah dia sewaktu dia sedang berurusan dengan orang yang mencerca dan membencinya.

Jika ingin lihat keadilan mindanya dan kebaikan pola pemikirannya, lihatlah cara dia berbincang dengan orang yang berbeza pandangan dengannya.

Jika ingin lihat amanahnya, lihat cara dia berurusan wang denganmu.

Jika ingin lihat kawalan nafsunya, lihat cara dia berbicara dengan orang yg berlainan jantina yang dia sukai.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

what's with fact?

oh really is true? i thought that it works the other way round; the fact that we miss that person that they appears in our dreams, no? barely know which arguments stand, it's a psychological fact though.

if it falls to be true, then ..

err to whom it may concerned, do you really miss me? i thanked you if you do. feel free to visit me at my dreamland once again. even though it's just a dream. terima kasih kerana singgah sebentar. have a good life Mr.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

shukran :)

ke laut pun , am all grateful and thankful enough to Allah SWT for His bless. for atleast, i don't have to repeat the papers, Alhamdulillah :)

hemm if only those griefs i had for weeks back then were to be replaced with lots and lots of revisions on past years papers, then i bet the result will be wayy beautiful and splendid! -.-"
haishh no regret over spilt milk mimzy! no good no good!

AND after all, am proud to have two superduper brilliant roommates for getting a Dean's List's! CONGRATULATIONS and celebrations to Dio and Dayah! see, rasanya kena tukar nama starting from the letter 'D' kot if nak jadi macam diorang haha :)

4 semesters to go and say hello to second year people! and yes, 4 semesters to strive and work super smart to add up the CGPA until it reaches 3.5 , and here's to the DL Award! Amin amin nak sangat, teringinn oh !! T.T

sekarang baru boleh bervacation dengan aman & to the fullest ke Penang this fridayy!

Assalamualaikum :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

tweeted #1

okay this time around will be betul2 punya goodnight. bonsoir!


It's painful to wait for something you know will never happen, but it's even more painful that you need to stop when you know it's the most thing you ever wanted.

goodnight, Assalamualaikum.

Friday, February 3, 2012

she talks crap, you won't understand.

Isn't it better just to cling to the dream of what could have been, than to ruin and grieve over everything with reality?

oh yes i know.. answers to my question;

myth/illusion (the former sentence)
: maybe because one is still hoping that she would end up her life happily like a fairy tale. yeah basically hoping for something that's no longer exist. fair enough? -.-
conclusion: to cling means to be afraid/in denial of moving on.

true fact/reality (the latter sentence)
: maybe because all this while, one's fingers are already too tired of holding on that sometimes the best way is just to let go. people might see this situation as ruining everything, but the reality is there in front of you-- it's you, who's been holding on for so long. it's you, who comes with all the efforts. efforts from the other party? nada.
conclusion: moving on is the best call, even though you might be suffering at the early stage, you're living in reality though!

after all, it's life.

p/s: am not sure whether you, awesome readers are coping up with this entry, well. as i said's just another crap. Assalamualaikum.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a life, one should really own.

*this entry is going to be full of pictures, beware!

An awesome weekend i had in Gombak, kau ado?;)

went to UiTM S.Alam last friday to collect the BB1M, and that was basically the only original plan of the day. accompanied by my friends/awesome djs of Ufm (hehe bangga), dio and isa after done with their meeting at the Ufm konti.

again i said, that was the only plan sebenarnya for the day. i was thinking after habis collect voucher, i'll be off to home. but wasn't go as planned as i had a detour, eh tak i mean..detours hehe ;)

First detour - karaoke! dio said that it was an impromptu one, yeke? *mukaquestionmarkangkat-angkat kening* oh isa and fahmi the kawan baru were there too!

suara isa sedap ohh 0.0

dio, me, isa and fahmi--muka selonot :D

Second detour - dinner at kedai kopi nearby masjid kubah biru S.Alam. picked up by dio's cute littlepie cousin, una:)

Third detour- going back to dio's place and had a sleepover there. yeah ni pun impromptu plan jugaa hee. reached gombak at late jugaklah -.-

the next verryyy late morning(hehe), woke up and dio prepared us this for our brunch time.

garlic bread yumeeyhhh!lagi hitam tu lagi sedop 0.0

..and mouth-watering benjo, nomnomnom!

that late evening we went to Wangsa Walk Mall taking a stroll and cuci mata; a place i've never been before. it was a nice mall i would say, macam One Utama because it's loonggg.hehe

pictures snap!snap! :)

..and makan at the little wok before heading back to kajang :)

one new word to describe the day i had with them -- SUPERAWESOMEFABULOUSFANTASTICetcetraetcetra ;)

and one thing that needs to be in a bold font here--
it's time to make a step and move on doll.. we've been strengthening each other; heart and soul so much all this while, for being in the same boat which heading to the same journey.
Another portions of courage to move on, determination, and patience will lead us to a good and fortunate life in the future insyaAllah :") <3 youh!

a note to Amirah and Che Nabila -- walau apa pun yang terjadi, berjalanlah tanpa henti :")