Tuesday, July 24, 2012

perfect 5ive

People, know what? this blissful Ramadhan can be a good start to everything brand new !  yeay!
do it slowly, insyaAllah The Almighty will ease you in every single thing that you wish to put forward | wish to change | wish to modify and makes it better :) so long as those are of the good ones okay!

 These will be from my own point of view:-

1. trust me, it's not worth it. In fact you can't get anything good either if you've nurtured yourself to be a hater. do not covet | envy with other's happiness. they may not be happy all the times, they have their ups and downs too, just like you. maybe it's just you who don't see it.

2. worries will only lead you to insecurity, and it might have the capability to destroy the self-confidence and self-determination you have within you. worry for something impossible? that's worse! just don't waste your time having your mind boggled over things you know that it's not gonna happen. because if you do, then it'll be a hardship for you to embrace the next simple rule:-

3. absolutely! why worry too much? live your life as simple as you can and please, don't go for complicated one. if you do things with positive intention and sincerity, regardless of whatever things you're up to, ranging from the simplest one to the hardest, you'll find life is just simply simple and joyful! you can even change the idioms though, make it a bed of roses instead. if Allah wills it, He'll surely grant it. have a faith in Him! :)

4. those last 2 rules can be covered under rule no. 3 as well. again, do things with positive thoughts | nawaitu | intention, for the sake of Allah S.W.T. to give and expect nothing in return is the best way to show your sincerity towards people notwithstanding who they are and where they come from. soon you'll realize that what you really did was turning up to Allah and aims only at winning His consent by every single of our deed, step, word and prayer.

As stated in The Holy Quran :

... The noblest among you in Allah's sight is the one who best performs his duty. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware. (Surat al-Hujurat: 13)

..and that's what we called as sincerity, another way of one can grab and feel the halwatul imaan  :)

p.s: now people, let's share and spread happiness! its a note to myself too :D


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