Thursday, July 19, 2012

penyimpan mohor besar raja-raja.

*balik daripada Genting terus update blog, baguih nii (-oo-)*

gelagat rakan-rakan. unbelievable! especially when it was Shah, my ex-classmate who posted the tweet, the future leader of the nation was giving me kata-kata semangat! i found this funny though! iols terharuuuu :") thanks for being concern and thoughtful dear friends! come let me belanja you guys chatime pukul 12 tghari, Sabtu ni :)) *padahal dah start 1st Ramadhan* kroiihh kroiihhh -_____________-

-sounded harsh? naah idts. it was the irony of it hehh


and yes! sebelum terlupa, Happy Celebrating the 1st Ramadhan Al-Mubarak 1433 Hijrah to dear brothers and sisters in ISLAM! let's double, or even triple up our ibadahs with full of imaan and taqwa. May Allah guides and bless us throughout this month. it's already 1.21 AM, 20/07/12 and i am counting down to few more hours to dusk. am as well excited to go for the first tarawikh though!:")

shukran dear Allah S.W.T for giving me another opportunity to welcome Ramadhan which is fulled with barakah. my only pray is that i could be able to complete this Ramadhan excellently and be a good Muslim, and a better Mukmin insyaAllah! :)


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