Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the love note.

Hello pretty :),

      remember Najiha, you have me and we have each other. You have my back, and please lend me your shoulders too. don't look back, because the past is indeed hurting. rise and shine doll, we're brilliant women and we decipher things in our own brilliant way. 14 years of friendship is more than anything i could've asked for, it's more than enough. and of course, 14 years and counting. i love you sister, i really do. be strong and always okay. Allah will always be with the patience's :")

Apapun yang terjadi, berjalanlah tanpa henti - Amirah Mokhtar :)

-memories in Penang 2012-

up, up and away to the Goh Tong's Land, Genting Highland tomorrow! let scream our lungs out loud!

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