Tuesday, January 26, 2010

being a critical thinker is really really critical!

drop by to just saying..err.. HELLO AND MORNING EVERYBODYY!:)

currently in library (haha for once in a bluemoon you pple got the chance to actually observe me in here) ..thought of doing some research on the internet for BEL 313 ; tonnes of assignments are queuing up to be done wth the use of CRITICAL THINKING!! this is crazy man!oh ALLAH,please gives this little kid a bit of patience and strength, and guides her well, so that she won't feel down and easily give up. this is indeed her FUTURE my dear LORD..

i'm going up stairs to my hostel now.till then..salam..


Sunday, January 24, 2010

the sunday begins..


supposedly need to wake up as early as 8 to do the hsework,cheh!bt end up "terjaga" at almost 9.30.sorry dearest housemates for not lending a help to clean the house,ohh i felt soo bad!:( no hard feelings yea pple, sayang korg sampai mati laa sisters!okay back to the business,my laptop has been fixed!yeahhh!:D but still..the lazyness to go for blogging is still there.*sigh* oh saya sgt tgh ketandusan idea skarang ,seriously i don’t know wht else to crap abt in here.eventhough there’s like tonnes of things happened in between my absence from ths blogging world;ranged from the sweet,sour,salty..semua ada!but too hard to recall all of em' back laa.it's okay then mimzy,just get started wth ths new entry of yours ogayy..

i'm not going back home next week, as my family has plan to spend their THAIPUSAM holidays in KUANTAN,plus the "HARI WILAYAH" according to mommy which falls on monday,so yea..extra holidays for them maybe.it's been a pleasure for me, of course simply because first, i don't have to buy ticket and let my ass hurt for sitting in the bus along the journey from kuantan to K.L, and second because i got to spend my weekends wth my family here,in my study plce, weee:))

but still..one thing that distracts me a bit,okay it's not really a distraction,but i'm seriously now torn in between..;SHUKRI wove is going for the hockey tournament held in Lembah Pantai for the Sukan UM i guess,and great!because the tournament will be held on the same day as thaipusam,pffft!i've been waiting for such events actually; watching him dribbling the ball in front of me,attacking the opponents and stuff.in fact,it's my fav sports though,of course i'll be like so anxious especially when somebody who's yours is playing for the game,argghh!guess ths going to be the first and the last of his participation in UM for tht game,as ths sem itself is going to be his last semester.i won't be having the second chance though..:(

but still..NO WAY for me to hurt my parents feeling as well.yeah they're my only priority for now..yes indeed!plus they have booked the hotel and stuffs,so i'm not going to screw up the plan,no!lover,wish to watch the game though..maybe takda rezeki kot. but please promise me to capture something on tht day okay?eventhough i might not be there,atleast there's somethng for me to witness and satisfy myself,hehe.
wish you all the best baby.try to shoot some balls okay,bak kata qiyah "pecahkan telur"! haha and perhaps 12th college can be the champion! love you forever moreee