Tuesday, March 30, 2010

everyday is a boring day.

how's that sounds to you?it's indeed. sometimes i felt being in the campus is wayy pleasant. WHY? cz i feel i have more things to do there.ahh..it was just an assumption though, forget it -_-
but telling you the truth, i begin to miss KUANTAN aload!

i can't even recall when was the last time i went for scrabbling on the blog. i was just scared if my acc might have just been blocked due to the long period of not signing in to it, cz i guess my friend had experienced that before.thank GOD, it didn't happened to me.

lost of ideas i should say, i mean goood ideas to be jotted down here. but yeahh, guess i have to begin; starting the engine of this brilliant brain to get to work, or else it will soon reach the expired date! NOO! i won't let this thing happen. i have to get my brain works brilliantly. enough of half-day of sleep mimzy, ohh god you've been sleeping too much!

other than that, enjoying your perfect evening raining season peops, yeahh i'm now enjoying it to the max! and andd HAPPY HOLIDAY ASASI-IANS!:D