Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dine at flaming steamboat.

it's been too long to recall e'thng though;it was on last last sunday..so let the pictures tell you e'thing!after all,ths steamboat restaurant in sunway was the 'superb-est'!;))

marshmallows dressing wth chocolate,nyummy!

i love her:))

they looked tremendously HAPPY!;D

wth a variety of flavours.

ada,semua pun ada.it's not just abt a steamboat restaurant!

okay we're done.went back home wth perut boroi;p

venue:Flaming Steamboat Buffet nearby Sunway Pyramid,PJ.
price: RM22 per head,and you can eat it all till your tummy burst!
time: 6 pm till late.
i'll definitely gonna gv 'em 5 star lah bebeyh!;D

BABY i just wish you were there to enjoy all these treasures from the sea!(: