Tuesday, March 27, 2012

dear Adams,

If HE wills, one of you will be my other half..and i pray that it'll be till Jannah. All the best in your searching :)


Sunday, March 18, 2012

the love for you is infinity.

ONE simple complete sentence. it is as what you see it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

jungle book.

alast, i managed to finish all the vouchers! wehuu ^oo^ took long hours at the Menara Bookfair just to make sure that i didn't end up paying my last RM50 voucher for the purchased books worth RM46. of course even if it's just 4bucks, it's still valuable. takkan nak bagi the vendor free-free 4hengget kan? RM4 is enough for you to have a 1Malaysia menu tahu?;) so yup, i did all the calculation; plus, minus, divide and times with 10% of discount, and jyeah! 2 books and a Malay novel were succesfully grabbed by me! :)

1. ISLAM the Misunderstood Religion by Dr. Danial Zainal Abidin.

2. Tentang CINTA by Pahrol Mohd Juoi. *they said that this book is very goreng pisang panas kinda book. laju betul sold out!*

3. Takkan Pernah Jauh by Shanka Latisha (Alaf 21)

Friday, March 9, 2012

adakalanya jodoh mendahului cinta sejati. -Ariana Mikhail.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

cendodol addict.

from a friend who ended his text like this..

"okay cik mimi cendol, takecare! have a great week!.."
-khalil azman.

cik mimi cendol? sedapkan nama, yes it's my current addiction.. cendol! sorry i just entertain penang's cendol, done by nyonya Penang. mamak's cendol can go and make new business -__-"

fabulous Penang's cendodol habaq hangg! *piggynose*^oo^

*apa rasa eh kalau cendol+dodol: cendodol?okbai

Goodnight, Assalamualaikum :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

telepathy is freaky. cc: diobella!

for those who don't know what telepathy is, it is meant to be..

.. the transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction.

to make it short, in my own words is that one is using their sixth sense. cool, no?

shockingly, i encountered this situation.. i mean i just had this recently. with the same person! and the latest happened approximately 3 hours ago. scary enough? *rolling eyes*

and the one who's lucky enough to be my telepathy partner is.. *drum roll* ...

Che Nabila Nashir !

we both feel.. " err okay this is scaryyyyyy.."

1) this picture which i've uploaded on twitter. she told me that she used to upload the same picture somewhere, not long ago.

2) just after i uploaded the below picture as well on twitter, Bella texted me and said that she just passed by a McDonald's and suddenly her thoughts drifted to the note that she has given to me before(picture), when we were still in the semester. how does that sound to you? am speechless to bits! it was really impossible for her to check on the twitter and stuffs, having known that she doesn't do any online mobile. takkan on laptop dalam kereta kot? i was like "dan dan je perempuan ni text cakap benda sama time aku baru lepas upload the picture of her note" -.- yeah knowing all this, i got scared. like double scared than before.

3) and lastly.. 3 hours ago! see for yourself. scary tak scaryy tak okay triple scaryy! oh myy!

note that: these are all happened on Twitter! *exaggerate jawdrop* 0.0

nampak gaya buka semester ni ada dua budak bajet boria pencil case lah, haha coolnya! bila orang tanya, beli sama eh? and we'll answer, taklah.. telepati :)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

i iz gelabah.

let me show you the proves. just got back from kajang town to settle things and these were the situations i encountered :-

1. the feeling of gelabah starts when i started to drive up a hilly road. yes note that i am driving Iswara and its manual, and i seldomly using the car which i found it to be kinda nerve-wrecking to start driving it. yes i iz newb, bukan noob eh-.- so basically i am not having difficulty to drive manual cars along the way, the difficulty is when i get stucked on the hilly roads. yes that's my biggest fear , up till now. luckily now i've started to overcome that, slowly and i feel yeay for me! okay dah melencong banyak sgt ni. sebenarnya nak cerita je yg i couldn't ever escaped from the hilly road cause it's the only entry and exit way from my home to the main road and vice versa. nak tak nak semua wajibul lalu situ -____- and that's the first thing that led Amirah to today's gelabahness.

2. search for car parks. i don't know why but i can feel the adrenaline being secreted vigorously inside me whenever i started to look for parking and that's what happened today. earlier, the only parking available that i saw nearby was the one by the road, bukan yg arranged side by side but the one being arranged back and fro, where a skill of "parking bontot" is required. nak parking bontot bajet teror tapi sebenarnya tak pun cz u've to go back and forth for like 10times just to make sure that the car is being parked right inside the box. haha. plus the steering is not a power steering, so lagi berpeluh ketiak mak ni amik masa 1jam hanya untuk parking-.-
i was lucky enough when suddenly there's a car going out from the side by side punya parking. so again yeay for me! another gelabahness emerged -.-

3. paying my college bill using ATM machine. i was planning to pay the bill manually, but thinking of the queue to be waited, i cancelled my nawaitu. paying through ATM is way easier and fast though. went to the machine and deposited some cash first, and i forgot to pick my ATM card at the insert place at the end of the transaction. clever much?i left it there without me noticed. kawan saya dah macam "woii bahaya kau tau tak??" i know people can easily grab the card in a split second. nasib baik cepat tersedar dari kegelabahan yang tidak terkawal. yes i call that gelabahness. sebab if u tak gelabah, you wouldn't leave the card as you wish kan?apa yg nak digelabahkan pun i taktau, it naturally comes. (okay itu alasan)

so went back and i told mom everything. mom said nothing but, ...

"next time please recite the selawat earlier. i think you need to cut down on eating something. maybe that's the cause of you being gelabah whenever you settle things. jangan cepat gelabah tak tentu pasal.." oh maannn, i macam face palm seminit -_-"


1) is there anyone having the same problem as mine?(hopefully ada)
2) and is there such food that leads a person to feel this way? if there is, please do tell meeeee!okbai