Wednesday, November 30, 2011

spoilt brat.

masih hingusan ;)

I want to go back in time and want my childhood days back when

"Dad" was the only "Hero"

"LOVE" was "Mom's hug"

"Highest place on earth" was "Dad's shoulder"

"My worst enemies" were "My own siblings"

Only thing that could "HURT" were "Blisters"

The only thing "BROKEN" were my "Toys"

and when "GOODBYES" meant till "Tomorrow" ..

epic , yeah abah's shoulder <3

Saturday, November 26, 2011


this is what i could literally conveyed what's inside my head. i mean at this moment.don't ask me why..

we used to talk about our future

like we had a clue
never planned that one day i'd be losing you..

in another life
i would be your girl
we keep all our promises
be us against the world

in another life
i will make you stay
so i don't have to say
you were the one that got away..

yeah, just so you'd know its 2.45 am, 26/11 and im still awake despite being so restless after went back from watching the Mock Trial The Musical presented by the awesome people of Faculty of Law, two thumbs upp for you guys!

i should've given you guys a standing ovation though!:)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

muhasabah cinta.

listing down the ugly truths i would say, that the guys should be.. em learnt from?embarassed of?i don't know..but obviously, this doesn't refer directly to ALL, because of the fact that tak semua lelaki sama kan? so siapa yg makan cili jelah:)

"cinta adalah sebuah kisah yang di dalamnya perempuan dengan bangga berperanan sebagai pahlawan, sedangkan bagi lelaki, dia lebih memilih menjadi pengarangnya..."

"cinta yang dianggap sekadar babak pertama bagi lelaki dalam hidup, merupakan hidup mati bagi seorang perempuan..."

"cinta seorang lelaki tidak lebih daripada selembar sampul depan, namun cinta seorang perempuan bagai lembaran-lembaran kertas yang tidak pernah habis.."

hey im not making fun of this though , these are indeed facts which i quoted from an islamic motivation book, written by a MAN named Burhan Sodiq. now you don't, now you see.assalamualaikum:)

Friday, November 11, 2011


"same here. were faking all the time that i'm okay.."

that was from dio, when i replied her text asking "are you okay staying at home..?"

the fact that the mid semester break has come to its end, and we'll be back to campus for the second term of the semester, i'm wondering am i the only one who feels this all the way; being so fake in front of other people, showing them as though i am so fine, but deep inside i am.. wayy NOT?

i do not know for how long i could stand being in this way, but i couldn't lie to myself either-- my other half is missing! i need to get my spirit, my drive back, for me to get back on track and end this second semester wth flying colors.

it's been a month plus since the fairytale becomes a history, the sweetdream becomes a worst nightmare, a goodnight kiss becomes a cold silent, and since the laughter becomes tears..

my prayer to YOU.. YOU; whom it may concerned..

"may ALLAH guides you all the way, protect your imaan and taqwa wherever you go,whatever you do, bless your everyday life, and brings you closer to HIM each and everyday.."

imy, the old you.