Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a short story, an imagination.a SMILE.

that moment..
when Eve feels that she has ruined that one person's day with her intolerable habit.
that moment..
when Juliette feels like she doesn't deserved to be forgiven, even for that small, little, tiny thing.
that moment..
when June feels that she has been such a great pain in the ass.
there's no smile, not even a giggle.

a letter flown away like a dove, lying on the hands.
and was written "send me a beautiful smile please?"
a letter which turns the day brighter, lights up the darkness of the sky and..
brings the smile and giggle back as it is used to be.

the letter has made the day, and so there's a reason to smile! :)

2.56 am
27th Ramadhan

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